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Calm and de-stress in chaotic times.

Rollerball for your nightly support.

Fight the flush –  cool & calm.

Aromatherapy rollerball, is it for me?

When life has its ups and downs and we look for alternative ways to help us balance our emotions aromatherapy can become a wonderful addition. Whether you are having a difficult day dealing with all of life’s stresses or having a wakeful night thinking of all of those stresses, aromatherapy can become part of your well-being routine.

Blended with only the finest organic essential oils our aromatherapy rollerballs are easy to use and provide you with on the spot and on the go aromatherapy comfort. They have been expertly blended and are so simple to use. Using the rollerball simply apply to your pulse points as and when required.

We simply love creating new blends that help you get through each day. Our product line is constantly being updated and we get so excited each and every time we launch one of our aromatherapy roller balls.

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We really hope that you enjoy using aromatherapy as much as we do, and enjoy your day and night being an aroma baller.

Hipsley Green x

I have had a few tough mad weeks of late, where I have been stretched to the max, and I coped fine. Not sure if its a coincidence, or whether its even possible, but I have been sleeping better and I feel much better since.


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