What is aromatherapy?

We can use essential oils in many wonderful ways to help with our wellbeing. methods take many different facets including vaporization, aromatic bathing, massage, cosmetic creams and steam inhalation. In practice aromatherapy can help influence moods and emotions.

History of aromatherapy

Spanning many centuries, aromatherapy has had its place to play in history. Used by the Chinese as early as 2700BC for its medicinal properties and also as a pleasure pastime thanks to the Romans. The modern day term aromatherapy only began in the 1920’s.

Our ingredients

When it comes to essential oils we are very particular about what we put into our products. Where possible we always source organic essential oils, if it is impossible to get organic we choose wild grown instead. We love working with all the wonderful essential oils, they all have their own individual therapeutic properties and their own aromas.

How does aromatherapy work

Aromatherapy is a two part process with both the aroma and the natural makeup of the essential oil providing it with its ‘therapy’. The aroma can provide a comfort to the emotions whilst it’s makeup can affect the body.

Essential oil safety

By using aromatherapy safely we can harness all the wonderful benefits that essential oils possess. We can let their therapeutic properties benefit both our mind and body enabling us to support ourselves and our health.

Any Other Questions?

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