The idea of Hipsley Green Aromatherapy began many years ago borne from a wish to achieve a more natural way of wellbeing involving essential oils. Launched in 2016, we sell our aromatherapy products on our website and via the marketplace

The story of Hipsley Green began with a love affair on many different levels especially with the colour green and with essential oils. Our aim is to bring aromatherapy into your life too with all the blends being created by me, Caroline Sammon.

Each one of our blends has a story behind it  – our My Safe Place emerged after years of not being able to step onto a plane without fear, panic and anxiety checking in on the journey too; Ladies – to laugh or cry? came about after listening to the funny stories from a headteacher (known as Mrs R) about the joys of being a lady at that certain time of life; and No Sheep Tonight, was devised in the middle of the night whilst I realised the amount of hours I’ve wasted remembering all those things I could have / should have / would have – and its always the minute my head hits the pillow!

More recently we’ve added All About Me to the range, it’s so important to find a calming bit of ‘me time’ in a busy day and this was the criteria that we set for this blend of essential oils.

We sell on our website and via the marketplace

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P.S If you wondered how we got our name, it combines two of my favourite things – my family name, Hipsley and my favourite colour, green. It’s as simple as that.