Well Being in Mind

Aromatherapy rollerball’s provide you with the perfect blend of organic essential oils that you simply roll on.

Enjoy their wonderful aroma and let the essential oils do their work, providing you with their therapy.

Whether you want beautiful, deep and relaxing aroma’s to help you enjoy a peaceful evening; or a calming yet fruity blend to help you through life’s crazier moments; or maybe you need something to help you achieve a moment of calm and tranquillity.

We’ve got an aromatherapy rollerball that’s just right for you.

Whatever your emotional challenge let a gorgeous blend of carefully chosen organic essential oils provide you with the natural comfort that you truly deserve.

It’s so easy to have on the spot aromatherapy relief, wherever or whenever you need it most.

Struggling to have a good nights sleep?

Grab my checklist of 20 steps you can take tonight in achieving a better nights sleep.

Featured Products

February is the month of love and we really love that House & Garden have featured our All About Me aromatherapy rollerball.

Blended when you need a moment for your own well being and to find your inner calm in a busy day.

It’s such a gorgeous blend of floral essential oils including Neroli, Rose and Ylang ylang. This is one that we really think you will fall in love with too.

Perfect to use during meditation or during those quieter times when you need to rebalance.

Hipsley Green featured in House & Garden magazine
Hipsley Green All about me aromatherapy rollerball product

What Our Customers are Saying

As a nervous but frequent flyer I had been seeking a natural way to calm me down. I needed something to keep me on an even keel and that I could use at any time. I now use it whenever I’m out of my comfort zone.


Used it even when I didn’t need to! Great for those days when you’re second guessing.


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